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Developing a database without having to code

The prospect of writing a complete database application from scratch by coding is an intimidating prospect for some would-be developers. But there are some software tools that allow you to avoid coding altogether and still achieve all your objectives. Lotus Approach is just one such tool, and the Lotus Approach developers have achieved a very elegant code-free software development tool.

Developing software without coding

Lotus approach employs up to three user skills during the creation of a database application

  1. Apr configuration (obligatory)
  2. Macros (optional)
  3. LotusScript (optional)

The first skill you have already used in creating the tables and the forms in the above exercises. The Lotus development team have made it particularly easy to achieve this. If your database was created successfully, then you have grasped this essential first phase.

The second skill, that of creating and employing macros is something that is not really coding, more a simplified means of achieving the same thing. We will introduce macros in a later tutorial. It is far simpler than coding, very powerful, and far simpler than say macros in Microsoft Access. You might use macros to force Lotus Approach to display a particular form upon startup, or customise how the user runs a database search.

The last skill, that of writing LotusScript is entirely optional. It is a powerful language that resembles Microsofts Visual Basic. You might use this to integrate your newly created app with other applications, perhaps via spreadsheets and documents.